"One D Ten T".

Sound like your web host?

You're in marketing, not information systems. So why is it every time you call your web host you have to look up another acronym? You're the client after all. Shouldn't it be them learning to speak your language?

We certainly think so. Which is why we do just that. Instead of throwing out streams of acronyms, we discuss relevant issues in plain English. That your mom could understand.

Our goal is to communicate your message on the Internet. Not to see who knows the most terminology. Web hosting is simply the tool we use to accomplish our goal.

Of course, we can still speak "techese" when you need us to. Like when you want to get through to your IS department. Or afterwards, when you're interpreting what they said. The key is it's your decision. And we're on your side.

ForumNet ... we take care of the technology, so you can focus on the message.