You're here.
Your CEO is there.
And your sales reps are everywhere.

How do you communicate?

Voicemail and e-mail, of course. But what about data? Can you store it? share it? search it? Generate reports in real-time?

Take sales forecasts. Your CEO wants projected sales for the next quarter. Based on all sales made in the last six months. Including that sale closed two minutes ago in Bora-Bora. Oh, and he needs it yesterday.

Can you do it? Can your competition?

Or take service. Your top technician just called from Japan. Seems he forgot to bring product manual 6 of 20. The one that describes this repair. And the customer is demanding the problem be fixed now.

Can you get it to him? Could your competition?

An intranet is a powerful tool. It brings together the different parts of your organization. It enables real-time communication from anywhere, anytime. It gives you the competitive edge.

What should you do? Call us. We'll work with you to design, program, and host your company's intranet. So that the competitive advantage is yours.

ForumNet ... we make worldwide business communications a reality.