Imagine a work day...

Without instant stock quotes
Without continuous news updates
Without dancing hampsters.

How did we survive?

Great Links

The Dilbert Zone
The technology-age superhero is on-line! Check out the latest (okay, one week old) strips and read all about Dilbert and company.

M&M's Studios
Keep up-to-date on the antics of the M&M's Stars Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and Brown at M&M Studios. Who would've guessed candy-coated chocolates could get into so much trouble?

Okay, maybe looking up words in a dictionary isn't your idea of fun, but you've got to admit it's pretty nice to be able to do it on the web. And don't forget to check out their Word of the Day.

Stereogram of the Week
Do you enjoy staring unblinking at your monitor for extended periods of time? Now you can make a game of it, with Magic Eye's stereogram of the week.

TV Guide
Mouse potatoes and couch potatoes unite! TV Guide is now on the web, with customizable listings and all the latest on your favorite shows and stars.

The Weather Channel
What's more talked about than who said what where? The weather, of course. Now even those of you in windowless offices can keep abreast of the latest changes in weather.